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A Handy Checklist for Building Inspector Adelaide

Building inspection has become an inevitable part of any real-estate deals lately and here we will discuss some essential things to be included in the building inspector’s checklist to accomplish the process well.


Major areas to inspect


In a standard building inspection, the professional inspectors may have a close assessment of the entities like;

  • Doors and windows
  • Internal and external walls
  • Ceiling surfaces and roof
  • Kitchen and allied structures
  • Bathrooms and laundry
  • Plumbing infrastructure
  • Electrical infrastructure
  • Sub floor area etc. 

Typical questions in the checklist


Some typical answers you may get through the inspector’s checklist are;


  • Whether the door panels shut and open without any obstruction?
  • Is there any cracks or breaks to doorframe?
  • Is the door panel in proper shape without any gaps on top and bottom?
  • Is there any cracks on the glass panels of windows?
  • Is there any sagging or leak in the ceiling?
  • Whether there are damp stains at the kitchen sink?
  • Are there leaks at the waste pipes and under the kitchen sinks?
  • Are the taps properly getting on and off?
  • How long will the hot water run?
  • Check whether any grout or sealant missing from shower bases, tiles, or tubs?
  • Is exhaust fan properly installed?
  • Whether the fuse box contains proper fuse wire system and circuit breaker system?
  • Is there faded concrete tiles indicating lack of sealant?
  • Is there rust marks along the gutters, valley iron, and the down pipes?
  • Is there any lines in the timber weather boards?
  • Is there any damp rot near to the window openings or at the ground level?
  • Is there any damage to the wall structures adjacent to large trees? Useful source for more explanation on building inspections in Adelaide. 


These are the most basic things involved in the checklist of building inspectors. However, you check the comprehensive list of the inspector that varies from provider to provider. If you have any additional requirements, it has to be communicated beforehand itself to be included in the checklist. To make an online booking, please check it out

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